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79 Dodge Magnum rebuild
07-21-2017, 01:49 PM
Post: #221
RE: 79 Dodge Magnum rebuild
Good Evening - Finally back in town and can get started back up for at least one week anyways. I left off with the engine and found out the bolts used by the exhaust guy where too long. They punch a hole into the heads on both sides - back bolt and front bolt. Not sure why they decided to continue pushing the bolt through when it clearly must have had a stopping point. They have paid for new heads but that means very little in the grand picture. I now need to mil the heads to match the block and put the car back together one more time. I would imagine that even if I get the block and heads over to the machine shop today I will not see this block before I am leave out of the Country again. One thing I did like however is I was able to swing into a large car show in Syracuse NY. Syracuse Nationals. Nice show with a ton of cars! I noticed a few small block Mopars with a single pulley system replacing the older two smaller belt system. The kit comes complete with pulleys - alt - water pump etc.. The system was done by March Performance. Does any one have any knowledge on these systems? Do they slow anything down at all? Should I expect temp issues or battery charging issues? The two cars I seen these on the owners where not around to discuss with them.
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