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Under New Management!
11-06-2013, 02:48 PM (This post was last modified: 12-18-2013 08:59 AM by rdrdr90.)
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Under New Management!
HOWDY! So, I'm the new owner and admin and I wanted to start a thread to let you know what my plans are for this forum and some things that may be changing. First and foremost THANK YOU to Stratusdodge for all of your guidance, wisdom and help through the transition process. It is not in any way my intention to invalidate or otherwise destroy his and others good work on this forum, in fact, I and my compadres are here to help the site grow. So, why did I buy it? One reason, it represents the entire Mopar community....the Mopar I grew up with. I'm 47, and quite literally learned to read with the help of the 1970 Plymouth Service Manual. I have a 1970 440 Barracuda, and the Classic world is where I came from. Two years ago I bought a 2010 Challenger and I jumped into the Modern Hemi world. What has been missing in the Mopar Community is an all encompassing Forum. That is what I want this site to be.

Some things that will and will not be changing.......

Salty language. We are all adults here and we all do or have used it from time to time. I see no reason to not allow it. Big change for some, I know. However I have yet to find a garage, pit area, or track where is it not used....liberally.

The Garage is the NSFW area. There is a onetime $15.00 fee to access that area. Anything that can't make it through a work firewall goes there.

There will be a few of my friends from other forums coming along, they will be the moderating staff. I use the term Moderating LOOSELY. I don't like moderating or to be moderated. We can self-police....seriously, we can. It will be a HUGE change for some. Give it a couple of weeks, it takes time to get used to. The idea is to be different from other places. There are a a few, very few, no rules forums out there, and they can work. I've seen it. This place will not be for everyone, I know that, however, remember, this IS the internet. None of it is real. Meet anyone, and it becomes real.

Basic rules: 1) NO, ZERO, threats of any kind will be tolerated. You will be banned permanently. No questions asked. Aside from being a Federal Offense, there is no place for it here.
2) Keep scantily clad pics in the Garage. That stuff CANNOT go in the open forum.
3) VERY low tolerance for needless drama threads, especially in the open forum. If you do have an issue with someone or something, try a PM 1st before you make it EVERYONE's problem. If you still feel like you need to post something, do it in the Garage.
4) There is a Mod Staff, but please don't feel like you have walk on egg shells. We should have the easiest job on the interwebs. Basically all we should have to do is keep the place spam free and move the occasional thread to a more appropriate section.

We're not big on banning, warning, or any of that crap. Enjoy this place, learn from this place, and have FUN!

Carry on.
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